The beginning of everything is a POINT! A touch radiating energy and emotions. Pulse. Latvia as an eye.

It gets movement and energy from a touch – as a result, the 129 points placed on seven circles (7 days a week), a contour of Latvia develops which continues to beat as a heart. A new life is born. Latvia is born. 18.11.1918. 1+8+1+1+1+9+1+8=30. 3+0=3. There are 129 points in the symbol. 1+2+9=3. The success number of Latvia and Honorary family = 3.
The beginning of the colour concept develops from the Baltic Sea. Water is the beginning of everything! The place which we call as Motherland also associates with water (That is related to mother’s amniotic fluid in the stomach). With the memory and experience of ancestors. The greenish oak leaf watches you inside amber stiff from the first sun rays. 
BLUE colour symbolizes heaven, distance and water. This is often considered as transparent, clean, non-material and cool, as well as colour of divine, truth and faithfulness. In the ancient Egypt gods and governors were depicted with blue beards, in Hinduism Shiva and Krishna are depicted blue or blue and white. In the medieval Christianity art the fight between the heaven and Earth is presented as a collision between the blue and white from one side and red and green from the other one. The blue colour means purity in the cloak of Virgin Mary. In the East blue colour still guards from the evil eye now.