Archbishop metropolitan Z. Stankevics: I highly value the initiative “The Year of Honour Family”

The anniversary year of Latvia has been pronounced the Year of Honour Family and the archbishop metropolitan from Riga Zbignevs Stankevics is inviting everybody to support this initiative and its goals.

The archbishop metropolitan from Riga Zbignevs: “I highly value the initiative “Anniversary year of Latvia – the Year of Honour Family” and I invite everyone from his good will to support this initiative and its goals. I especially invite people to join the international forum that is being organized within the initiative “Time for children! On our way to a family-friendly society”, that will take place during 9th – 10th August. The initiative and the events within it are important not only to Latvia, but to Europe. I believe that this blessed initiative will echo far outside the boarders of our land.”


Foto: Artūrs Ķipsts